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GunWagon is the best donkey themed shooter on the market!  Bloody hardcore top-down shooting action with a retro pixel art style(cuz I can't draw good lol).

    You start with a gun and a donkey.  Your goal?  To get the donkey safely to the next town.  Collect loot along the way to buy better guns, new wagons and upgrade your donkey.  Complete 25 levels to save the world or choose infinite mode and see how far this donkey can go!


  • 12 Guns including special weapons that can only be found on the map.
  • Zombies! One regular and five special types!
  • Boss Battles!
  • Wagons! For carrying loot, shooting zombies, ya know, wagon stuff.
  • 100 Maps in 4 different settings.
  • Grenades! Boosh!
  • Market to sell junk/loot with randomized prices! Stonks!
  • Special abilities! Slow time, blow things up or burn them down!
  • Loot Boxes! That you can open for freeeeeeeee!!!!
  • Upgrade your donkey at the donkey shop!
  • Upgrade your...uh.... you at the skill tree!
  • Perma-Death! Farm that XP and loot wisely!
  • Gamepad support!

Warning: Contains Flashing lights, may cause seziures!  Pixel gore and violence too!

Another Warning: Android version is still in testing! May crash the app/your phone.

Minimum Specs:

Windows/linux: Still testing.

Android: Tested on a 2.0Ghz phone with 4GB of ram and had minimal lag, so anything better than that should work.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GunWagonSoundtrack.zip 30 MB
GunWagonAndroid066adebug.apk 87 MB
gunwagonbeta066a.exe 132 MB
gunwagonlinuxbeta066a.x86_64 133 MB

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